A portal to a bygone era of nobility and grandeur.

Entering Mundota Palace is the beginning of a sensory journey, a journey for the senses.

Holding a commanding position with views across the valley and the village of Mundota. The palace and fort, both historical structures are located 25 kms north-west of Jaipur. The hill fort was constructed in the 14th century, by the Naruka Rajputs. After a fierce battle in the early 15th century, it was won over by the Nathawat Rajputs, who remain the owners to this day.

At the foothill, the palace was built in the late 15th century by Nathji (the scion of the illustrious Nathawat clan), who was the grandson of Raja Prithviraj of Amer. It the same family and was expanded by the following generations. The Mundota Thikana (Estate) was a double Tazimi Jagir (enjoying the highest respect at the royal court) of the Jaipur dynasty.
Mundota Palace has been host to royalty, celebrities, artists, and discerning travellers for centuries. A beautiful example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, the palace combines the best of Indian and Mughal styles. The 450-year-old palace and fort is a luxurious and sensory experience, with modern amenities and the signature service of magical Mundota. The palace, spread over twenty acres boasts of open courtyards, terraces, charming pavilions, gardens which invite a multitude of birds and dancing peacocks. Currently, the property consists of 125 luxurious rooms between the palace and fort.

Enter a world of hand painted frescos, mirrored ante-chambers, courtyards, arches, turrets, swings, marble bowls of flowers and, come night, a thousand candles and stars.

An ancient estate, a centuries -old castle, a forward-thinking family – and the singular aim of protecting and restoring an extraordinary corner of unspoilt Rajputana. This is Mundota.

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